DM Security offers a broad range of flexible security solutions within the region.

A highly experienced team with police- and army-training ensures that the company offers a comprehensive understanding of a wide array of security requirements, particularly adapted to the African region. Adaptability, fast response and reliability are key to the success of DM Security.

Currently, DM employs 370 guards. The business has evolved, from simply providing quality guarding services, to offering complete security solutions including CCTV options and alarms as well as security consumables such as hand-cuffs and batons.

  • Guarding

  • CCTV installation, monitoring and surveillance

  • Rapid Response

  • Fire & Intruder Alarm installation and monitoring

  • Access control and UPS solutions

  • Intercoms, electric fencing, electric gates

  • And a wide distributorship of security accessories

Moulvi Investments (Pvt) Ltd is a growing, licensed & authorized banking dealer with limited authority (ADLA) and a registered agency for short term Insurance services.

Moulvi Investments (Pvt) Ltd operates using the following trading names:


Established in 2017 to cater for the 2500 staff members employed by the group, the business has evolved and expanded. With a unique perspective in a challenging economic environment, Lifeline has had to be flexible and ready to adapt instantly to changes in the market. The opportunities and add-on options for this venture are numerous and have great potential.

Instant Cash

Instant Bureau De Change is licensed by the RBZ and currently operating 3 branches in Harare.


The insurance arm trades as Besure an IPEC approved and licensed Agency underwritten by Alliance insurance, selling short term insurance for Motor, Home, Agriculture, and Business.

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