SPAR is the world’s most recognised supermarket brand, employing over 410,000 people across the world. Today, there are more than 13,500 SPAR stores in over 48 countries on four continents.
SPAR stores worldwide
Countries on four continents
Daily Consumers
1 mil
Happy Employees
Retail sales area (m2)
1 mil
Total Sales
1 bil

SPAR is the leading voluntary food retail chain in the world, and its success hinges on its global, yet local, approach to business through the close co-operation of individual retailers in meeting the needs of their customers.  The development of SPAR across the globe has been underpinned by a set of values that have guided the organisation since its establishment more than 85 years ago. At the heart of these core values is the commitment of SPAR stores worldwide to freshness, choice, quality and service.

SPAR Zimbabwe is comprised of 19 corporate and 20 independent retailers.  Employing over 2,000 people nationwide and serving communities all over the country, SPAR Zimbabwe  is a leader in the retail arena and is constantly adapting to embrace global and local trends. 

SPAR stores in Zimbabwe range from the smaller convenience SPAR Express stores, through to the larger SPAR Supermarkets and SUPERSPAR outlets.

Our Local Supermarket and Neighbourhood Store

  • Full service needs met

  • 500 square metres +

  • SPAR private label

  • Modern, easy to shop

  • Competitive prices

  • Personal, friendly, caring service

Entry Level Retailing

  • 200 - 500 square metres

  • Fresh Offering

  • Convenience Format

  • Suitable for garages

Hyper Market

  • 1,500 square metres

  • All service departments

  • SPAR private label

  • Modern, easy to shop

  • Competitive prices

  • Volume lines

  • Bigger range

SPAR Sub-Brands

TOPS at SPAR offers shoppers a comprehensive selection of beverages suited to all tastes. TOPS positions itself in the marketplace as fun yet responsible brand, providing great value, convenience, an amazing range of the finest spirits, wines and other beverages as well as warm and friendly service. TOPS is all about enjoying life and its current pay off line is “Grab a glass of Not So Serious”.
Unique to SPAR Zimbabwe. Offering a wide selection of gifting, décor, house and garden accessories and party decorations, Gifts at SPAR fills a niche for busy shoppers who need gifting solutions after hours and over weekends when smaller retail outlets have already closed. Focusing on a well-priced and accessible range of quality imported goods, Gifts at SPAR has had consistent growth and is an exciting opportunity for the SPAR brand.
Unique to SPAR Zimbabwe, Carnival at SPAR indulges the customer’s sweet tooth, and offer a wide range of cakes, pastries and confectionary, as well as gelato, soft-serve ice cream and sweets. A great favourite with children of all ages, this shop within a shop concept is a great addition to the SPAR Brand. This model lends itself to all SPAR models, from the convenient SPAR Express through to SPAR supermarkets and SUPERSPAR stores.
PAYZONE, located in selected SPAR stores offers a financial services booth that allows customers to undertake other transactions, such as paying for utility bills, purchasing pre-paid electricity or airtime vouchers, receiving and sending international money transfers and licensing vehicles, all under one convenient roof.
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