Dayforce specialises in wholesale, distribution and import/export of retail products within the region.

Their range of products is constantly evolving in order to reflect consumer trends and to ensure a diverse basket of goods for the market. Ranging from batteries to pet products and car accessories, Dayforce Investments have listings with all the major retail and wholesale outlets within the region.

Working closely with associated Southsea logistics companies to ensure the smooth flow of product from distributor to wholesaler and retailers within the region, Dayforce Investments has exclusive sales distribution agreements with several established brands, including:

Dynamic Logistics offers comprehensive end-to-end support for supply chain logistics.

This is a fast-growing, innovative branch of the Southsea Group, and dynamic both by nature and by name, offering cross-border and 3rd-party haulage solutions.

The business was started in 2013 as the need for a holistic Group Logistics solution became apparent as the business expanded. Since then the operation has expanded to include a comprehensive fleet of various transport solutions, including refrigerated trucks, staff buses, taut-liners and delivery vehicles servicing the group.

Freshtrade offers a professional, quality, fresh solution, supplying both wholesale and selected retail outlets with fresh produce.

Freshtrade offers warehousing and distribution services for fruit & veg and perishables, sourced as locally as possible to reduce the cold-chain and ensure the freshest selection. 

Where product is not available locally, Freshtrade sources regionally and handles the importation and transportation from the farm to the client. Freshtrade specialises in an established route-to-market, and strong relationships with a range of diverse out-growers, who are central to the company’s insistence on the freshest and most direct solution possible. 

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